UWP suck, I don't wanna hurt yall feeling but it's time to face the truths:
+ SandBox
+ Less Job Offer
+ Development more Complicated than Web App
+ Microsoft not create perfect hardware to make sure our app get to more consumers (the Pro X is failure)
+ Poor Optimized
Poor Optimized ?
the Windows 10 optimization is joke, all my surface laptop, pro, book I have tested. They claim that consume less Ram, but when using it along side electron and Win32 app. It feel so much choppy and lag. I mean WTF ?
UWP was made for optimize low specs SoC such as ARM base, now my laptop running on a core I5 + GPU still lag ??
I'm sorry but this is just sad. Im moving back to win32. WinRT sooner or later will end supported
And Microsoft will improve the Win32 Api

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    Wrong on all accounts kiddo... except for the less job offers.
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    I thought the same thing about xamarin, but after working with some guys who had a lot of experience I realized that i was just doing it wrong.

    I worked only in one big uwp app (an erp) and its was fast, lightweight and stable. I highly recommend the platform.
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    As much as I like C#/.net, UWP is a complete fail. It's buggy, laggy and horrible to work/develop with
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    IMO, MS made a huge mistake with UWP. WPF is the best presentation tech I've ever worked with. So MS kinda sorta abandons it in favor of developing UWP while promising that at some point in the future, You can port your WPF applications to UWP where all the active work will take place. Flash forward to today and you've got a never ending limbo state where UWP seems to have stalled out maybe it was all just bait and switch because MS thought we'd all be using ARM based surface tablets by now and would forgive them for lying about the whole port your WPF to UWP thing. Then there's .Net core with it's WPF and winforms add ons. MS's whole strategy and messaging around native application dev is completely jacked up, and they have lost the trust of millions of developers because of it.
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    @MrCSharp prove me wrong
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    @NoToJavaScript you people give me cancer
    even your name is cancer
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