I hate coffee machines that give you a predefined amount.

I hate coffee machines that don't have enough clearance to fill a big size mug.

I hate weird coffee flavors.

I hate foamy coffee.

I just want plain old drip coffee that I can get enough off without being a hassle in the morning.

There, off my chest.

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    We have one of those drip coffee machines at the office. When a batch is done, it's filled into a thermos.

    I don't drink coffee, but its funny watching how colleagues who do, act around that thermos: They timidly draw really small amounts of coffee, hoping to heaven the thing won't be empty after, coz then they'd have to spend 5mins making the next batch. Repeat until mug is full. ^^
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    I can't stand all these hipster [*ccino] coffees. Why do they put so much effort in making a coffee that does not taste like coffee?
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    @Lukas I think they like the caffeine and don't like bitter taste. I never understood the desire for energy drinks. Disgustingly sweet in my opinion, but very popular
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