What's the general consensus on the forced training courses? We now have a 3rd party arranging a course about FooBar and our managers though it was a great idea for everyone in my team to participate. Since...well you don't know when you need FooBar, so it's good to learn it now! And any education is only good. Makes employees smarter.

Except that I am not interested on FooBar. I don't use it. I can google it when I need it. I can read a book. I could travel to a 3-day course with 9 hours of straight lecturing per day and 200 slides with 10 second pause between them. But I am dead shit sure that after 30mins you lose the focus and after 1 week you remember nothing.

And everyone who's ever been on any company arranged courses, you know that there's always some guy who already knows everything. So starting from the first second he wants to challenge the trainer. Have a dialogue. Discuss about the problems that he has seen. Noone else cares. So you have 30 people listening to 2 guys debating.

But hey, maybe after 6-12months our company starts using FooBar and then we have a couple of dozen geniuses who have taken that multi-thousand-euro class. Or not.

At least you get a cup of coffee and a sandwich on mornings and afternoons.

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    u being paid?
    then sure why not.
    they gotta get rid of their edu budget.
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    @kleopi , sure it's paid. But you have to trave to another city for few days and kinda want to do something else on my own free time.

    And it's not like the course is from 9 to 5pm. You always need to have a common bonding dinners. Obviously that's not paid work. So, you endure some asshole the whole day and then at the evening you get to stare his face for another 4 hours. Fake laugh at his lame jokes - or maybe the guys English is so bad that you don't understand anything. You could punch him into face but that is considered as bad behvaiour. I wish I could punch other people more.
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