Bought two hp z230 and one hp z210 to setup as a kubernetes cluster at home.
The first two worked as expected to install Ubuntu 18.04 but the z210 just fails installation just at the end of.
I've updated the bios, I've tried different hard drive, (obvious I've turned off secure boot), I've downgraded the bios, I've cursed, spoken harch language at it and sprinkled it with holy water, still it fails.
A Google search the problem, one hit similar to my problem but it did not help me.
Currently I'm on my 5:the glass of wine, if not solved tomorrow I'm hiding it at work until the next "downsizing" and it will have an accedent from the 9:the floor.
I've spent 150$ on it but I have the economy to nurture my mental health... Not all the time but this time it feels worth it!!!

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    My wife just spent (Black Friday) 80$ on a set of black roses, feeling less guilty of my malinvestment...
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    Run a memtest. Other than that - it is probably a bad mobo....
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    After getting some well earned sleep I approached the problem differently, installed Ubuntu 16.04 and then upgraded to 18.04.
    Done in 30min.

    Finally all machines works and it's time to do stuff with them
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