I hate university projects, they are so dumb sometimes.

Now I am supposed to write a Haskell like functional programming language using C++ templates, and I have 10 days to do it...

I'm looking forward to a day when I could finally wave the middle finger to this institution.

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    You fuckin what mate?!
    The biggest we had to do was writing a multiplayer implementation of Labyrinth in Java over the course of a semester.
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    @metamourge Yeah it's madness I don't have time for anything and I'm barely passing@metamourge
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    Do you really have to implement the whole language? Or just some single feature like lfold and rfold to achieve templated higher order functions?
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    @HitWRight I was not specific enough, I am not ment to implement the whole language just a few functions: variables, lambdas, foldleft, arithmetic and binary operations, ifs, equal, and references.
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