Load a medium post. Wait for the entire junk to download. Or stop the loading if you just want to read the text content

But Medium has other ideas. Hook to the cancel event, show a useless page which only has the reload link. And why would it trigger the HTTP 500 status code to be sent? 🤔

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    @shoop possibly. But thankfully, it is localized to my device
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    But why would you want to read the article if you can't have 50 popups and advertisements on the screen? BETTER REMOVE THE ARTICLE BEFORE YOU READ IT WITHOUT ALL OF THAT!
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    uBlock Origin makes Medium readable. Just like the rest of the internet.
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    @Fast-Nop unfortunately, Medium is special compared to the rest of Internet because it has a FUCKING desire to piss off its users by showing that error page. Ads are not the primary concern here
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    @asgs uBlock Origin doesn't just target ads if you subscribe to some more filter lists. It also blocks a whole lot of other annoyances.
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    @Fast-Nop can it also prevent such pages from getting rendered? Thank you, I didn't know that
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    They probably have the 500 screen implemented as a PWA so it displays regardless of internet connectivity
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    @LostEth0 I suspected that, too. But "500" is such a misused terminology
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