What do you think? 😂

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    The difference between people who understand the difference between "delete cookies" and "eat cookies"

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    If this is based on career progression, I don't agree with it. If PMs used to be developers, then they'd be useful!
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    Pizza. Lots of pizza.
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    @linux-colonel maybe life progression and aging?🤔
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    Damn, I went this far in life ?
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    For many people too much stress leads to some kind of substance abuse.
    As long as the substances are sugar, fat, nicotin or alcohol it mostly is considered "okay" by society.
    Take care of your body guys. To maintain a strong mint you need to maintain your body.
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    As a dev and PM, I have to say the figures on the right have too much hair. :D
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    @NeilCorn And to maintain a strong mint is to make a tasty mojito.
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    Nothing wrong with enjoying a Mojito^^
    It's not like I don't drink or only eat healthy.
    Nobody has time for that...
    I just thought maybe we sometimes need a reminder.
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    @NeilCorn Never said there was anything wrong about it. The Virgin Mojito is, next to its Strawberry variant, Matcha Green Tea and Honey-Lemon Green Tea, one of my favorite drinks. But only the Virgin (non-alcohol) version. That said, I'd like to taste some other ones like Chrysanthemum Tea and various kinds of coffee.
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    @KuroTenshi67 On a dev platform, in a post about career and belly progression talks about beverages.. nice
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    Shit, I am already a Sr. Engineer!
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    I think I'm being undercompensated...
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    So, now I need a project to lead on 😂
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