We have a bunch of white people in human resources that are trying to hire "diverse" people because the company sets HR diversity targets. Which is an inherently racist way of hiring someone.

I am told to interview this guy who claims to have Angular experience. Before the interview I ask to see a form that he has built in Angular. He sends me a repo which is ripped off of an open source project and has the readme and git commits removed. A quick web search shows that it isn't his work. He shows up to the interview and I find out he is from a Southern African country. I deliberately ask some questions about code that I can see he didn't write that I prepared ahead of time. He lies to me and tells me all about how he wrote it which showed me that he has no idea what the code does. I tell HR they better not hire him because he was very comfortable lying to me, and I'm confident that he doesn't understand any of the code that he showed me. I do not trust this guy and would never choose to work with him. HR lady says "Ah okay."

Today he walks in with a big grin on his face. HR lady fucking hired this guy. I can see his monitors from my desk and he spent his whole first day looking at a soccer website on his second monitor. I call up HR, "Why would you even ask me to interview him if you refuse to listen to my feedback?". Lady tells me "You need to be open minded about diversity. Probably most of the things you observed were either cultural differences or language barrier." I tell her definitely not. He lied to me multiple times, and he took credit for other people's work." She tells me that they will keep an eye on me because I'm not being open to diversity.

Are you kidding me? This white lady is literally stereotyping me as a racist because I'm white.

So this fucking HR lady called me a racist because she decided to hire someone that we shouldn't trust. Then she put this asshat on my project. Now I have to be cautious about my position because HR is "watching" my racist ass. Even though I am literally the only one on the development team that is white and speaks English as my first-language. I called a team meeting before the on-boarding is over so I can tell the other developers what is happening. We restructured our code review process so that I will never give him feedback. Then when the time comes that he slips up the "diverse" developers will kick him out so I won't be reprimanded as a "racist".

This company that I work for is a special kind of stupid.

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    Nah fuck that shit I'd quit.

    The last thing I'mma deal with is fake ass "woke" retarded shit like this.
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    HR with too much power
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    Yeah. I started looking for new jobs when I got home.
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    A South African who watches soccer instead of rugby? He is definitely lying.

    But props to HR: they now paved the way for people to actually become racist because the African guy doesn't do anything anyway. Well done!
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    @Lucky-Loek Southern Africa. I think Nambia or Botswana.
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    Bounce the fuck outta there my man, what a toxic environment.
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    holy fuck, that's disgusting

    @Stuxnet agree, the type of woke shit we see on ig all the time ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)
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    Hey, did you change your account?
    Is this the real avatar?
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    @Coffe2Code why don't you rather ask if he has those neat mustache in real life too
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    That's what happens when departments have checkboxes to tick... Sad. And destructive in many cases.

    I wouldn't quit, but would never go into such interviews w/o a recorder any more.

    Try to grow a decent team member out of that lazy liar. Who knows, maybe it'll work out
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    Forced diversity hires must be the most racist thing companies are allowed to get away with.
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    @351483773 The HR lady’s boss is worse. Her boss made my transition from my old company horrible by putting responsibilities onto me before my start date. I was so sick and cranky first week from overwork the week before there was conflict between us. She was very vindictive about it and has been taking stabs at me since. I’m respected by all the executives except her and she hates me.

    The most malignant part of this company is definitely the staffing.
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    That company has no future. "Get woke, go broke".
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    Oh shit. I’m going to have to make a follow up post to this. It turns out that she hired two different African guys almost simultaneously and overcompensated them for their skills. The other guy seems pretty good but definitely overpaid. I complained to the executives about this. She did that overpaid thing for my Korean friend too. More detail to come when the dust settles.
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    @irene very looking forward for the continuation of this saga
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    It just fucking bothers me when companies do this!

    I'm all for diversity hiring. I think products need a diverse team working on them to be more approachable for all people. But you shouldn't be dropping your standards to make those diversity hires. Instead of adding new perspectives to the product hires where HR is making quotas just worsen the product.

    I had a diversity hire on a project I was working on during an internship. I did all his work cause he was there to party I guess. I believe he had no software development skills.

    I wish you the best and hope this doesn't cause too much burden on you. Probably better to watch what you say around HR for a while.
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    @electrineer Dude, I want to visit you at work so I can witness a bow tie suit, board shorts and thongs in all the magnificent glory that is that pairing! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ€˜πŸΌ
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    @badcopnodonuts I was waiting for this comment.
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    You know the company is fucked up when HR can make decision to hire people.
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    Fucking useless hr
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    I thought HR’s job was to weed out the ones that won’t fit in the companies general ethos and then the the decision is down to the team they will be working for.

    The new employee will soon trip up, then you can be the one grinning.
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    bow down to our feminist cult overlords.
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    Oh shit, after reading this story and the continuation; you Sir, need to get the fuck out of this toxic mess. Good thing, you started looking for jobs tho.
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    Let me become a devil’s advocate for a moment...

    Was this guy actually given a meaningfull tasks or training on his first day? You seem to be surprised by him joining, so there was a failure of communication in the company. Probably not the first one.

    This happened to me so often, that I see a pattern: when a team is not thrilled about a new member, they tend to ignore him and this makes him lose confidence, start slacking off, generally not leaving a great impression. In good teams, there’s a plan and a dedicated mentor who is responsible for the onboarding.
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    @matste Regardless of what happened first day… He lied during an interview and took credit for code from an open source project.
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    The whole hiring process for devs is completely fucked up. I don’t want to be in a position I am not qualied for as much as the hiring manager does not want me there I guess some people do not care.
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    @katbreitin When someone gets paid for showing up and keeps the job by not doing excess damage then why not sign up for something you are underqualified for? It looks good on paper and you get paid well. 😀
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    What kind of fucked up company is this? In all the places where I work hiring must be agreed by both the HR and team lead/manager. I can't accept a team lead position if I can't decide who's gonna be in my team
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    The sad part is that, be it race, gender or sexuality more companies in the USA and Europe are doing this and it's so harmful to our industry.

    I had to reprimand a dev who was black not 2 months ago for absurdly destroying our master branch and it took us 3 hours to revert all his damaging commits; I then got to hear about how he complained about me for being "racist" because he was rightfully warned about his actions.

    Hire people based on their skill, why is that so hard to understand?
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    I'm in a company which seems to have a similar diversity hiring. After they checked at least one of each box (White, Black (not African), Asian, Mexican, European), then they hire as many Indians as open spots they have.

    Fun fact, not all devs are skilled devs....I've also had to repair our develop branch a few times (4, in the last 2 months) because of them. (not all from the Indian hires)

    When interviewing someone, ask them "what is the difference between 'merging dev to your branch' and 'rebasing your branch with dev', and how do you reverse that action?"
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    and this is why i don't work corporate anymore. the hr bullshit is unbearable
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