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I need fast advice!

If i want to have a domain like instagram e.g.


What is the best way to define those routes? I am using only angular. Its just a landing page so no backend frameworks are needed or used.

So if i have about 50 first-last names (and i might add even a lot more), is it a good idea to create 50 different components in angular where each component links to the different person identity of those /first-lastnameN routes?

Or should i have only 1 component and loop through names from a list and display them somehow? Because i dont know how to do this way And change the URL route into a different name

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    Why is this a rant?

    There are route parameters in Angular, you can define them like "/:name", where name will be replaced with a value, and you cam access that value from the component connected to that route. So make 1 component that accepts such a parameter and display the data from somewhere in your app.
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    Seems like a lot of work to avoid just using rewrite rules.
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    Use HTML.
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    Stop right there criminal scum.
    Stop everything
    And use rust w/ actix or wathever, but use rust 😉 (or C)
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    @MagicSowap rust is really nice and I love it very much but it's not really possible to make frontend apps with it. You use it for wasm but I don't think you have access to the dom in wasm? 🤔
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    @olback Yes, you (sadly) have to use JS bindings to access the dom...
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    Is this a joke?
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