I went to this conference to see what’s new in MSSQL 2019, kubernetes container on azure and see what Microsoft has done to embrace open source community.

Speaker is from Microsoft, brings a Mac to the conference which I’m kool wit it,
but shortly after he started, Word crash at launch, PowerPoint freezes when switch between pages, azure cli can’t login properly.
And he goes ”this is awkward. “

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    He's not wrong
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    The powerpoint and cli wasn't a big surprise though
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    I mean, this can come off as Apple's fault
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    This is why you record your demos
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    @PublicByte Never, ever, update a mac os before Version+0.0.2 of whatever os they have now is out.
    They do a lot of tests - but wierd issues always happen with 3rd party apps.
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    @magicMirror Doing tests == guaranteeing the integrity of APIs third parties use *including deprecated ones*. If third party apps that use system apis start failing with new versions, that means they aren't testing shit. They are only doing scenarios with the very specific apps they created, which, to my understanding, can barely qualify as testing.
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