Status: 200
Res.body: errMsg: err is undefined

That's real helpful mongo

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    I'm working right now with MongoDB that (un)fortunately it's our best option for the kind of business that the company works on.

    But I have to say this is one of the shittest databases I ever worked in whole my life, and the worst part is who's designed the database fields and tables is a frontend developer and he has done all the whole bad practices in just in one single place.

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    Mongoloid DB

    Piece of advice: don't use MongoDB. You are better off with relational databases.

    But in your current situation, just deal with it.
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    technically though, it's correct.

    since http 200 is "request successfully served", the error IS undefined (non-existent) in that case! =D
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    My colleague made the following error:
    403: User is successfully authenticated
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    Mongo is totally helpful. But the backend you are using is not. Don't know how that is mongo's fault
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