Haven't used dR for long so Idk how many people have already ranted about this...but here goes nothing.
Fucking irritating piece of shit !!!
I can get understand the swipey swipe for back etc. But the "swipe up + hold " for recent apps just makes me cringe !!!!!
Ok, Some how you manage to open the recent apps by precisely fingering your phone.
You gotta go back to home screen from recents ??
Open a recent app then swipe up for home.
Two fucking gestures to go back to home screen !
Or click the close all apps button for home screen.
This is non sense.
Pls enlighten me if I am missing something.

I want the two button navigation back 😭

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    Yepp.. That's painful.

    But then again, it's similarly painful to be learning keybindings of some new app.
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    Now I feel like I don't want Android 10
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    Had this on MIUI for far too long now, but one of the decent features is to hold the back navigation and you can switch between the recent app pretty easily.
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    @drekhi12 android 9 had this, but also the two button nav with a back arrow and a pill. That was the best thing ever. Switching apps is still sorta simple. But the pill switch was better.
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    @ceee I have been on MIUI for far too long now 😏 I'm used to seeing the apps in vertical mode now rather than horizontal but root your phone and get your navigations back . I'm pretty sure if it's one plus you wouldn't need to do that either (but again rooting a one plus has always been fun) .
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    @drekhi12 it is a one plus. Not sure if i'll do that tho.
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    @ceee proud user of the android 9 pill ui✌️.

    also,you should try fluid navigation app
    i don't remember the last time i used that tiny back button, the swipe to go back is too awesome.
    for android 10 users , you can also configure one of the swipes as home button

    (disclaimer: not a promotional comment, its just an app that i love to use)
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    @Haxk20 how do i go to home screen from recents lol.
    Pie gestures were better.
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    @Haxk20 idk kinda habitual of going back from recents to home. And i cant go back to pie navigations. They removed the two button nav bar. I guess i'll get used to this. But ngl its not the best.
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    @Haxk20 whuttttt 🥺
    Not on OP 6 i guess
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    Damn.. Couldn't stop laughing at "fingering your phone"🤣
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    Not that anyone cares, but maybe I should update y'all. The thing that I ranted about automatically got fixed one fine day... * Swipe up from recents to go back to home screen*
    This didn't work earlier, and now it does. Lol.
    @AvyChanna well it's part of life now ... 🤖
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    @ceee congrats 🙂
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