I just asked a client if he wants a contact form instead of just writing down an email address on their contact page.

Now I'm trying to explain to him how building a full blown CRM is outside the scope the business website we agreed to build.

Lesson Learned: Never make suggestions.

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    What's the problem? Sell that as change request or scope widening with additional cost if the client wants that. That's how to do business!
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    @Fast-Nop in most cases, some clients are oblivious to how much work and cost is involved with what they are asking, and they want all that under the previously agreed quote.
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    @omarthegeek Of course they will try this. Your task is then to decline this politely while pointing to the contract. Small changes with no extra effort can be agreed without charge as customer service, but considerable changes can't.

    Just like you can't pay for 20 litres of petrol at the fuel station and then suddenly want to fill up 30 litres.
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