I resolved to spend more time with the family this month, leaving my laptop behind when visiting them for the end of the year.
Now, 10 days later we're all bored of each other and I truly, deeply, and most sincerely miss my beloved laptop.
All I can do is refresh the devRant app, and fantasise while reading about others working on their machines, and posting formatted photos of code snippets. Like some weird, twisted form of instagram-addiction.

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    Jesus Christ pick up a new hobby then and stop letting your life be all coding. Not only is it unhealthy, it's also lame asf.

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    @Stuxnet hey man, chill.

    My hobbies revolve a lot around building new interfaces between humans and technology.
    This makes my laptop an essential commodity for me to feel productive.

    I could always write a new hobby book, or draw that fantastic star formation I'm looking at right now, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than giving current technology a better reason to exist than laziness.
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    @Stuxnet this is taking shit to the extreme man
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