So this other senior dev got seriously ill a couple of weeks ago and the project he was working on was assigned to me. His code was so aesthetic, loved his work, the structured code helped me a lot in meeting the deadlines. He returned a few days back and now the company has given him two weeks notice because "his pace is slow". I am frustrated, PM is frustrated. The guy is such a gem that he is still helping with all the new requirements client is throwing at us.

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    When managers are so incompetent that they don't even recognise good employees, the company is clearly heading downwards. Time to apply elsewhere, I guess.
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    That's fucked up. But this is business. They don't care for clean code because it doesn't make them money.
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    @MrCSharp It does - because sooner or later, tech debt turns into real costs. Bug fixes that shouldn't have been necessary, customers requesting some discount for the hassle, lost customers, features taking more work to implement.

    It's just that a lot of managers don't even remotely understand what they are managing.
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    @MrCSharp what @Fast-Nop said. Most managers *think* they don't care about quality, because they don't understand it.

    In their mind, quality is an extra. An extra that costs extra money and time, so better skip on it. What they don't understand is that quality saves money and time, right from the beginning. We shouldn't let them make us skip on it - unfortunately it happens way to often.
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    Um, have you tried standing up for him?
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    @Fast-Nop @VaderNT just to clarify: I am not saying readable and clean code is of no value to the business. I absolutely agree with you that down the line the business will benefit from the clean code because changes to it are easier and safer to be carried out and at a much faster frequency that it would save them money.

    Like you said, they just don't get it.
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    "Technical debt" must be explained to and hammered into the head of anyone managing an IT department.
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    @Maer yep tech debt is like a credit card debt. Feels good in the moment, fucks you in the ass later.
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