So, my last rant here was 3 years ago, and i just signed in again to devrant to post this fucking shit.

There is this guy who is a Project Manager in my office, I haven´t work with him but he sits in front of me and i have to listen to his bullshit almost every fucking day. Anyways, the other day he was talking to some other guy (a PM, also) and he said something like this:

"Programming is the most overrated thing ever, everyone can do it, you could do it, i could do it just googling stuff, i could even replace almost every programmer in this office, it´s the easiest thing ever. a programmer couldn´t do my job even if his life depended on it ´cause they can´t talk, they can´t manage people, they can´t manage their own time, heck they can´t even manage to talk to each other. they´re just a bunch of incels who think they´re important and their job is shit anyway".

They don´t see us as human begins, they see us as necessary evil.

(apologize if i wrote something wrong. English is not my first language)

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    It is the easiest job in the world to learn *using Google*. That does not make it easy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still gonna take you a few years of hard work, there is just a lot to find online... I cannot imagine learning chemistry using Google, but the start of my career was prof. Google...
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    That's Dunning Kruger in action - he knows so little that he doesn't even realise how little he knows.
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    What’s stopping you from calling this faggot out?
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    @webapp i get the point, i'm just concerned about who say it. He's the responsible of managging projects, define time estimates and resources and whatnot. i don't think he can do his job well with that kind of... humm mindset
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    @Fast-Nop the sad part is for those who work with him. I would be mad asf if i were forced to work whit this idiot.
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    @ab-rico90 I absolutely get your point, and understand your frustration. Your PM should have your back, you should stick together, you should be a team. His condescending attitude is repulsive.

    I’m a project manager myself, I see myself as a part of the team. I’m not above my colleagues and my role is, in my opinion, a facilitating one. We’re on the same side, and I need them as much as they need me.

    I also notice that this attitude gets me a lot of respect from my team!
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    There's people with such low self esteem that they need to shit on others to feel better... and then there's this waste of oxygen. I feel sorry for his parents getting *this* as offspring.
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    It seems like you could write an algorithm in pseudo code describing his job. It could be complete with "make condescending remarks about other's professions" as a bullet point. It would take some time to figure out the intricacies but then it could be strategically placed on his desk at some point. Label it "<name> job description", and "now anyone can do it by following this algorithm". It would tell him he is not that special, and that a programmer could certainly do his job if needed. He already fails at the one requirement needed to be a good manager: "don't be an asshole".
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    @Demolishun lmao, that algorithm thing is pure genius. 👏👏
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