Can marketing (and PM) asshats take a moment, think about the word "just", the amount of time they are using it and STOP USING AT ALL. It's fucking irritation to hear that word.

for example, it just needs to be get done, OR

just do an AJAX call and it'll be done.

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    Very true. It tickles my nerve as well
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    Just do it
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    "Just work overtime. I don't mind."

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    "Just fuck off"(tm).
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    42 tables in a database to join. Two main tables that can be joined by any combination of 4 tables, table A to E can be joined in 4 different ways

    My PM: " can't you JUST join them in a way that makes logical sense?"

    Me: "yep...sure...why didn't you say that 6 months ago?"
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