Any good resources for learning css?
I've been using it for three years and I still suck ass.
Never learned it properly, never liked it at all.

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    Are you willing to spend money??
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    @Creep Look for Jonas Schmedtmann on Udemy(once they have them $10 dllr promotions) and see into his Build Responsive Real World websites with HTML5 and CSS3. Very in depth and by someone with a true passion for building responsive design without overflowing the browser with JS.

    I can seriously recommend it because like you I have a great distaste of CSS and it was this course what gave me a nice lil back of tricks. His advanced level with Scss is also really good, but you can get by with the first one and just stick to that if you want. The dude is straight to the point amd explains many of the quirks that the bs that css has.

    Good look bro, trust me, I feel you on that pain and this course should help you square up css to the point in which it ain't just a hassle anymore.
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    @AleCx04 thanks a lot, I'll buy it right now and give you feedback once I finished it. I just hate Webdesign and Css in general, for me every website could be in plain html. But there's no way around css. And I don't wanna struggle 2 hours trying to center an object. I hope this course will just help me not having a stroke whenever I open a .css file.
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    @AleCx04 okay it's 200€ right now, I'm gonna wait for a sale 😂 I didn't know there were courses on udemy which aren't on sale
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    @alecx04 okay hold on wtf. I logged in to my account on which I already bought multiple courses. The course you recommended wasn't on sale on that account. I just opened udemy in an incognito tab and I can get it for 20 bucks now. Pretty well marketing strategies.
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    @Creep that was pretty gangstah! but yeah man I usually wait for it to pass into sales and get a course. Hopefully youll like it man!
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    Just because at this point it's retro.
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