Manager: "Hi Almond, how is X going?"

Almond: "...I don't know, Bob is in charge of that."

Manager: "Ok. Do you know the status of Y at all?"

Almond: "Not sure, isn't that Bob's responsibility too?"

Manager: "Well, yeah, but I never seem to be able to get a good answer out of him. Find out on both fronts and let me know ASAP please"

...sure, I know how this goes. I'll stop all the dev work I'm doing, do your job for you, talk to the lazy bonehead that never bothers doing anything, report back that he's done sod all (or still "in a requirements gathering phase" as he puts it), be asked "why is he taking so long", have a bit more back and forth, then decide we'll just leave him be as actually trying to get him to do any work is going to be too much like hassle 😒

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    holy fucking shit op, this is one of my top 3 nut busting shit managers do.

    did you assign a task to someone and want to know the status of that task?


    get a fucking spreadsheet or something and write what did you assign to who, man!

    it's kindergarten level!
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    Why hasn't Bob been fired already for incompetence?
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    @cho-uc prob big company
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    @jesustricks Glad it's not just me. Story of my life.
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    @cho-uc Because @kleopi is correct. UK based. It's a bit of a HR nightmare to fire someone for poor performance (they scream "mentoring" and "6 month improvement plan with close co-ordination" etc.) - we all know what HR are like.

    Unless it's something amounting to gross negligence, firing for poor performance is unlikely. Just not worth the hassle.
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    Tell the manager sure as but I expect *what you are currently working on* finish to be finished when I get back.

    Hey it's only fair that you do my job when I do yours
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