My boyfriend.

He's an amazing software developer, has a few more years of experience with me, and because he's not a colleague, I feel comfortable asking him dumb questions. Combined with his patience and willingness to explain things very thoroughly, it's helped my post college learning immensely.

I love that I can cook him dinner, and then go to him with a code smell that I found at work, and spend the meal discussing ways to make cleaner code. I'm not sure who the real winner is in that situation. Probably my employer, haha.

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    Your post gives me hope
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    @Jase unless she's a robot, or somthing that needs to be programmed
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    @Jase Hah, indeed. And blast, I'm past the editing period!
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    @DarkMukke I've had many people, including my boyfriend, compare me to a robot. So no comment.
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    I guess you're the luckiest girl around, not to mention ur guy too
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    Unfortunately my boyfriend only sits there with a big question mark above his head when I start talking about dev related things 😄
    But my best friend at university had about 8 years of working experience, so I know how great it is to discuss with "wiser" devs 😄
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    This is completely irrelevant but your post made me realize that emoji can be in tags
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    I wish I had a girlfriend like you FeelsBadMan
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    My partner just tonight: "You do realise that I start playing a movie in my head when you start talking nerd talk at me."
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    @mrtakaaxe That happens whenever he talks about video games, and far too often when he talks about networking.
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    Hahah, my girlfriend shouts 'BORING!!' When I talk about Dev stuff to her. But the other day I was trying to work out a problem with a JavaScript function and as a joke, she said it was down to var's scoping defaulting to the enclosing block, having heard me rant about it... she was right. Now she tells me she's offering lessons for £30 a time.

    The tables have turned.
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    @ChrisCooney She sounds irritating. I bet she makes you listen to her shit even you don't care, and because you're a nice guy, you probably listen.

    This is probably why I don't have a girlfriend.
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    @drRoss Nah man, it's cool. Plus as I said, she does listen. And she fixes bugs that stump me, which is both incredibly annoying but good that I'm covertly turning her into a programmer.
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    @mrtakaaxe lol dump his ass!!! Jkjk hehe *wink wink*
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    petitioning humanity to make more women like @christine
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    My girlfriend has no clue what I do but tries to talk and understand.. tip: dont use programming terms.. speak in a natural language, just like you'd want the doctor to do.
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    My boyfriend and I Facebook message each other when we hit a wall and sometimes bring the work home at the end of the day to debate best practices. He's by far more experienced, and I started out asking all the questions, but the tables have turned over the past few months. It's pretty awesome.
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    Got any friend like you please help a brother out.
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    My girlfriend studies Psychology, I Computer science.
    Together we will get an AI
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    So many lucky people here.
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    Why isn't there more people like you in this world 🙌🏻😳😏
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