When I got in this job:
No test, 0% coverage
No teamwork
No documentation (front and backend)
Senior doesnt want to talk

1year later:
We have test prolly 10% coverage
Still no team work
No documentation
Senior doesn’t want to talk

Ps: tried doing documentation but I cant unless my senior will help me because I dont know the ins and outs of the codebase.

I say crap.

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    That Senior must be too ashamed to talk
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    @asgs i dont know bro. But when I got here I told him im trying fix my english so I can express better. He told me “good for you, I dont like talking to others”.

    And thats why when I asked question he seems mad about it. One he he slammed the enter key. Hahahaha. And still drove him for lunch. I just loled myself at that time.
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    At least your getting some tests now
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    @asgs @terraria99 I force them to because im not familiar with the code base i was breaking things. They have tester person here like manual test doing it everyday. Cool job actually.
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    1 year later you still don't know how the codebase works? What are you doing there? Brewing coffee for everyone?

    Look, open up confluence and start documenting what you DO know. You dont' need to know EVERYTHING to *start* writing docs. Over time you'll fill in all the blanks, replace all the TODOs and the doc will be finished for a day or two. Then the code will change and the doc will be out of date again.

    Just start writing what you already know. You'll catch up later. Even part of the doc is more handy than no docs at all.
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    Well, the fact is, the seniors are never too eager to talk and explain :D (though they should try).
    In my opinion, the one real tester you have is worth more than 100% automated tests coverage. The lack of documentation is an issue - and it is better to be written by a dedicated person rather than a developer (junior or senior), so that he sees the bigger picture.
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    @netikras I mean im familiar with it like 80%. But there are part of the code that I didnt know that exists. Example I had a task before that I needs to produce a shipping label and save it to AWS this was 8months ago then my senior said that why didnt you use paper clip we had that bla bla bla. Then I showed him the code that the director of engineering created and I said “I didnt know we have something like that and just followed this but I separated with a class” he said alright im going to delete this then. See no team work and communication. God damn. Haha. I god mad because I put my ass into took 4days to add that feature but im over it now. Hahaha.
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    @atombomb the tester doesn’t write code bro. He literally manually testing it. Haha. But it helps though.
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    @rutee07 I have a documentation on my own. Its in my Notion app. Haha. That where I put the work documentation. Its a tiny part though.
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    @r-fu yep, that's what they do, just manually clicking.. and it's superuseful in the sw dev cycle ;) I have been developing both with and without the testers and having one is a huge plus :)
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    @atombomb ohh really? I didn’t know that is normal. I thought you write e2e for that. 😅
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