Looks like copying large file e.g. 1GB from Remote Desktop Connection will also affect SQL Server performance and somehow slowing down the SQL transaction 100000x times

What a new thing to experience😆

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    You need some robocopy in your life 😀

    Or even better scp
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    Using network and hard drive will slow down other applications... that heavily use network and hard drive.
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    @sbiewald fucking windows, right?
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    @sbiewald I see... Does switching to SSD is going to help a lot? Or does it even necessary to switch to SSD?
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    @michaelchiew If you bottleneck is storage, increasing the storage speed usually helps.
    A small warning: For large amounts of data I can only recommend enterprise SSDs. They are quite expensive, but consumer ones can overheat easily and the IO speed will drop below hard disk drives.
    The most cost effective alternative would be to copy data only when the database is not used much.
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