#get unique images ids
images_ids = np.unique(images_df.index)

Dear developer who wrote the code I'm looking at,
thanks, I really need comments like this one. I was wandering lost in 1500 lines of code, looking for an explaination of what the actual fuck the code is doing, and there I see you, comment. It's not like I want to know what the hundreds of lines functions do, who cares about that. What I needed to know, what shed light on this dark forest, is what the numpy functions do, because as you certainly know dear developer, such functions are really hard to comprehend, lacking of documentation.

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    HAHAHA awesome.
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    I bet git blame will tell you someone else wrote those 3 lines :-p

    I love git blame... Gives me an idea who to ask and how long it's been broken (aka can I just burn this and noone will notice?)
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