I'm glad I have a job where we don't have team 'building' nonsense. We just come in and we team-build on the spot, as in, we get along.

Oh, the nightmare of my previous job where they resented employees for not joining some stupid party where they all got drunk and had forced 'fun'. I like authentic environments.

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    We actually get a budget for a yearly team building and can do whatever we want.
    Last year we went to an escape room then eating, and this year we go to a shooting range.
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    @Katakompe That actually sounds fun
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    @Root assuming you get on with most of your team.
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    @vorticalbox I'd enjoy those things by myself, too, so it wouldn't matter if I liked them.

    Besides, the shooting range would probably make people less likely to hit on / harass me. 😊
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    If someone forced me to have fun, my life would be perfect. 🤡
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