Can we please make a Over Engineered Section....

This happened a couple of weeks ago...
Hey platform engineer team, we need a environment spun up, it's a static site, THATS IT!

PE Team response.. okay give us a 2 weeks we need to write some terraform, update some terraform module, need you to sign your life away as the aws account owner, then use this internal application to spin up a static site, then customize the yml file to use nuxt, then we will need you to use this other internal tool to push to prod...

ME: ITS a static site... all I need is a s3 bucket, cloudfront, and circleci

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    To offer a perspective from the other side, when my team gets a request to deploy the AWS resources for a new project, it often goes like this:

    "I need one EC2 instance. Just one, since this is for a simple project that doesn't require high availability or scaling."

    We deliver it. Two weeks pass.

    "I need two more EC2 instances and an RDS."

    A month passes.

    "Now I need seven S3 buckets, six autoscaling groups, five Lambda functions, four API Gateways, three EMR clusters, two AMIs and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh and also deploy a copy of our whole cobbled-together, manually-created dev environment to QA. Also this project is overdue so I need it done this week."
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    Although, to be fair, the devs that submit infrastructure requests to us are often completely incompetent so maybe your employer doesn't have this problem. All I know is that over the time I've had this job, I've learned that I have to automate and genericize everything if I don't want to constantly be doing operational support and grunt work.
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    @EmberQuill there is a solution for both you and OP.

    Have 2 templates for PE requests:
    1. Standard - everything is done properly, by the book, is time consuming but prepares a well configured env.
    2. Temporary - just what the name says. It's a one-time deployment w/o extension capabilities. Everything is hardcoded, no terraform, no nothing. Gets deployed in a matter of minutes ir hours at worst. If any extensions are needed, a Standard request is to be raised and the temporary deployment is to be decomissioned.

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    What is static state in this context?
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    @EmberQuill yes, I have seen that side as well, but this was was not the case, it was static as can be to the point most of the team thought using a framework would be over kill. A landing page.
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    @ReverendLovejoy well it *IS* temporary as it is not being maintained by PE folks. The only maintenance PE is to do there is to [DELETE] it. Hence the temporary..
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    @EmberQuill I decided to join the PE team, I guess I'll see how it is on the other side
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