Technical Founder at today's meeting: "All of you guys have work-life balance. It shouldn't be like that. We need act like a startup. You guys need to work really hard. This guy (pointing at me) once worked 10 hours each day, where I worked 16 hours. We really need to move fast."

I'll just leave this words here.

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    They are right, you do need to move fast - namely in polishing your CV and leaving that shithole.
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    Bonus: "Facebook used to lock engineers up in a room until certain goals were met."
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    @mint90 In principle, yes - though it wasn't engineers, but bishops, and it wasn't Facebook, but the Vatican, and it wasn't goals, but the pope election. The rest however is correct.
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    So like what's the over under on the number of people who jump ship? I'll take the under sadly.
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    Founders mistake their own goals for being the goals of the employees. Big mistake
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    For anyone who's also struggling to get what @Stuxnet was saying: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Fuck that guy. He's past the point where he should have exited. That guy has made no effort to understand your motivation and isn't a leader in any way, shape or form.

    People aren't robots, and intellectual capital is the most expensive resource you acquire. I tell my people, "honor your commitments, but if it's 5 and we're not in crunch you need to hit the bricks. The one thing that will cause you to burn out faster than anything else is your family life going sideways. Part of your job is taking care of that during the times we aren't crunching, so that when crunch inevitably comes you can focus."
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    I don't know why these asshats think they're entitled to people's lives just because they had an idea that obviously wasn't that great...
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    I don't work in a startup but he sounds like a bellend.
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    Some people (hobby lobby's owners, as an example) think by merit of their having created jobs through their effort*, should be obliged to dictatorial control over their employees' lives as one of the products of their foresight and exercising of the opportunities afforded them. It's part god complex, part oligarchic megalomania.

    *this stems from a common fallacy you see in business nowadays that any effort on the part of the business' owners constitutes sweat equity, and a general misunderstanding of the fact that livelihood is subservient to the life, not the other way around.
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    Founders motivation: I don't give a fuck

    My motivation: the monthly pay check
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    He's the leader. It is EXPECTED that the founder works harder. What an idiot.
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    Yes you need to work just as hard on my dream as I work or harder!!!

    Then when the start up fails and I lay you off it will be all worth it for trading in your precious youth.
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