Oh man, what an unfuckingbelievible situation when you are activating
1) new user account
2) for new cellphone
3) with freshly issued SIM card.
You're waiting for your goddamn verification code to sent to phone. And you wait, and nothing happens and you click "send new code" until you get warning that too many codes has been requested. Then you start good ole debugging. You browse forums, help pages- try this and that, nothing ever works. But you keep trying for two friggin sequential nights. Guess what, you li'l fuckface, you're debugging wrong thing, because suddenly, only the man in the sky knows why, you get an urge to ask someone else to call you and when they do it they hear that your number is temporarily closed. No, the bills are fine, you can call and send messages from that very number, but all the motherfucking incoming traffic is blocked.
That's why you didn't get your verification codes, bitch.

Thanks for nothing, carrier.

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