I’ve been told my rants are being missed, since I left my hellhole of a job. So here’s a filler until something major goes wrong.

Right so here’s what my life is like at the minute. I’m working remotely from home. So this morning, instead of spending 2 hours in traffic, I got up at a reasonable hour and brought the dog for a walk. I don’t know who these people think they are, fucking up my routine like this. The audacity of them thinking it’s no big deal really pisses me off.

I’m the only iOS developer in the company. Normally I get bombarded with “why not use react-native” or “RxSwift is the future” and other shitty tools. Last week I said “i’d like to do X this way”. Do you know what those absolute bastards said to me? You ready? Hope you are sitting down ... they said ... “ok, sounds good” .... the fucking c***s.

Oh oh and the big one, wait for this now. Fridays are demo days, last Friday I showed what I was working on. Afterwards the CEO comes along, stares me in the eyes and without a care in the world what his comments might do to my self-esteem the fucker says “wow great job”. He fucking makes me SICK!!!

Feels good to get all that off my chest. I’ve missed venting. At this rate, I’ll be back very soon!

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    Those bastards. Giving you good hours, being positive about your results, and allowing you to work in a way you think is best?!
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    People truly have no shame. I am sorry you have to go through that. Hopefully everything we'll get sorted out and you'll be able to get a decent position.
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    You did good on this rant
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    How are we to survive when they do not offer you an environment for rants to grow :P
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    Normally I think all them fucking success stories posters can go to hell but this one...? I'm not hating it.
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    Hang in there buddy!

    Greasy management building a viable environment. Just who do they think they are?! Fucking psychos.

    What up with the good old and well established management tools as multi dependency and blurred (company) vision?! Like, have they forgotten how to business? Brings my blood to boiling point!
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    This is funny , sad , ironic and the best rant of this week
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    Waiting for a sequel to your series of most incompetent coworkers with disgust.
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