Re-setup my desktop.

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    @thmnmlst. This is at work though.
    My favourite part is the vertical coding monitor and the massive coffee cup. I7 64gb ram 2x ssd and 2x2TB in raid 1. Ip phone.

    Next up is new keyboard and mouse and some decent headphones..
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    @DarkMukke I've tried vertical monitor coding a few times and couldn't get used to it
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    @kevbost aye, i know the feeling, but once being able to see a whole method (sometimes even class) without having to scroll is just like a room with a view..

    less scrolling == less eye strain
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    @DarkMukke I have that same setup! Overclocked (i7, GTX1070, 64GB DDR 4), 512GB Nvme SSD, and a 1TB Samsung 'regular SSD'... But it's a laptop. Of course it sits on a desk most of the time, but it's portable in theory!
    I received a test unit for Linux and it's complete overkill for 99% of my work or games, but like a car with 700hp, it's still hella fun.
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    I'm not a big fan of having the vertical monitor in the middle myself. It's more of a utility monitor to me so you can throw stuff on it like code reviews, long methods/classes like you mentioned, etc. Etc. So I keep mine to the right or left of my main high res horizontal monitor.
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    @r3eezy I've never seen it for code.. which is probably why I override pep-8 default width! I'm going to try this (I'm guessing I'm the last person on devRant to see the "coding monitor" : / I've seen accounting/legal use it for docs...
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    @stable-penguin takes some time to get used to. But it really helps to make reading more natural
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    @r3eezy yeah, after this post I noticed some others around the office with it.

    At home I recently got a 27" 4K that dominates my desktop space.. (that's a pain to get all the apps working!) usually I turn off the laptop monitor because I can focus easier on one monitor but with a tiling wm or other split. Even after I wrote a custom script to manage the difference in scaling now I don't use it : /

    I stare at text all day so as long as I have my nice, sharp, solarized fonts I'm a happy camper! (And Vim - not to start a flame war, just saying what works for this setup!)
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