How to program

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    with some simple scripts you could proabably alter https://npmjs.com/package/... to auto inject code from stack overflow in your code
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    @Sauruz are you trying to make us obsolete?
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    @Sauruz There already do exist AI services that write code snippets or stubs for most purposes. The day you fear isn't far :/
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    @FleetAdmiral I think we have some time until then. If you think about it the most abstract way that still allows us to be precise enough to generate a program is code. Probably Python to be precise but let's keep it language independent.
    I don't think I need to explain to any Dev how much creative thought goes into realising a clients "ideas" so at the very leat we'd need a creative AI and until that I assume we have enough time.
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    @Sauruz will it maintain itself!? 😉
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    @rjagiasi can't. We can't even mantain ourselves.
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