What movies/reality around me tells about free time:
- the "grand parents" generation (people who are in there 70-80s now) used to go out hang in tea shops, bars, parks,churches , wander in fields, chop woods in their leisure time in their 40s

The "parents" generation (people who are in their 30-40s now) were more into sports and would go for basketball , soccer , cricket for leisure time and later transitioned to playing board games/video games /xbox-PlayStation stuff/comics In their leisure time

The "our generation"(people who are between 18-30 now) are/would be more into playing mobile games and watching anime/web series/movies/weird porn and scrolling social media feed as leisure time in our 40s

( I have taken 40s as a criteria because i am guessing that as a standard age where you are "settled" and have things figured out)

Is this how the pattern is going? And isn't it sad that we are Going from doing stuff that's fun and making you street smart to doing stuff that's useless , time wasting and a little depressing ?

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    @shoop i dont have depression. but after reading your comments, i woke and now have depression.
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    Where's your data coming from? If it's personal observation or experience it's almost certainly wrong. Without a rigorous source you can't exactly claim that our grandparents' generation was all that rosy.

    For example, your "bleak" and "sad" modern world has almost every single positive indicator way higher than the one from fifty-eighty years ago. (Source: Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker)
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    @RememberMe that's why i started my rant with "what movies/reality around me" ( although now that i think of , i should have replaced "reality around me" with "personal experiences".

    My grand dad would walk for miles to go to this sikh temple every morning as his free time activity. Their friends would often hang out at parks every evening. I guess the romance was very secretive those days , but he and his wife would also hang out in restaurants/tourist places, and this was almost everyone's behavior that time at india, if not other places.
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    @StopWastingTime and we have so many good things too. It's easy to discount them but they're there. And when people look back to their times it's all to easy to remember only the good stuff. For example, way back then they had legit religious riots over North India and food prices and quantity were abysmal and healthcare was nonexistent. Access to higher education was a luxury and if you were lucky you'd land a "decent" job as a brainless clerk. We hardly even have to think about that stuff now.

    It may just be that *you're* stressing out. Take a break, disconnect for a while, find some time for yourself. Walk in the park, go out with friends, play a good few rounds of your favourite game, play an instrument, walk the dog, cook something nice, enjoy a good book, etc.
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    Don't take movies for truth. I do iron age reenactment and generally take a lot of interest in our past - it was not nice and peaceful for a lot of people. Up until what, 1800's you could literally die from pneumonia at around age 40. Personally with my asthma and grass allergy I would have died before 5 summers. I've had 20+ pneumonias in my life at age 35, but then I would never have been born because my father would have died from a bad influenza in his late twenties if he'd been born just a couple generations earlier. People were literally worn down from hard work in their 40's/50's, hell my grandfather was sent out to serve on a nearby farm at age 5 and would run home over the fields for a few hours every Sunday, how's that for cozy family...
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