Do you find it difficult to make new friends in your late 20s? Im talking about situation when you left your hometown, left your university city and started living in a fresh new city while working as a remote dev? Only way to make some would be to get into some hobbies, but for now I just try to kick my anxiety causing addictions (nicotine in particular). Once Im back to my calm state I will get out there, but for now Im just an anxious uninteresting wreck haha. At least Im living with my sister and managed to find a great girlfriend, but in terms of social life I dont have it as much as I wanted. Im in a strange situation where I hate people but at the same time want to connect more with them.

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    > Cant find friends
    > Finds gf

    How? 🤔
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    Yeah, I'm kinda in the same boat. Minus gf.
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    You could have friends from work if you didn't work remote
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    Hating people but at the same time wanting to connect with people you don't hate. Did you perform mind reading on me?
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    @don-rager Is this condition called somehow? Because it seems I'm not the only one
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    @Quirinus im weird and have add
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    Hobbies, especially sports, can be a great way to help kick said addictions and make friends. My only advice is pick something indoors so it's not weather dependent, then you can go all year.
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    @electrineer I worked 3 times onsite in 3 different countries. Everybodys a buddy but once you relocate you become another like on their post in social media haha. I will try to get my anxiety under control and then hopefully will be able to make more meaningful connections. Basically I cant enjoy live fully it if Im an emotionally sensitive unstable wreck.
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    @pythonInRelay what is that supposed to mean?
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    People always complain about it becoming harder to make friends as you grow older.

    I think a lot of it comes down to expectations and people who don't realize how circumstances change.

    When you're young you have time to hang out with anyone you want, for extended periods of time.

    When you're older you have much less time for people in general, and have work and family to attend to.

    The expectation that someones not close, or you're "drifting apart" from people only becomes true if you allow it too. The reality is we all have our own lives to live, and when we get older, being 'friends' is more about enjoying the time you *do* have with others outside your obligations and duties.

    Just as the elderly might only see their friends in another state once a year, they don't stop being friends just because a lot of time has passed.

    Time spent with others shouldn't be considered wasted.

    No, they do what any of us should do. THEY CATCH UP with one each other.
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