Yey I got a raise. From 55,000 to 56,500 annually. Go Junior me! Hahahaha. Not enough for California though but I’m grateful.

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    Meanwhile in Slovakia...everyone would kill for such high salary
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    @lamka02sk damn. Could work on remote and move there.
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    Sucks, but that's barely a living wage in Cali.
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    @SortOfTested I wouldn't say that it sucks. It a *very* good amount in my country. You can definitely survive for a few years from 50k, if you wanted to around here.
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    Sucks, meaning, "it sucks that in California it's not enough."
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    @lamka02sk It sucks if it doesn't cover rent, transport and healthcare etc.

    Doesn't matter how high the salary is then, you're essentially working at a loss. Cost of living over there is insane.

    Now if you're getting that salary for remote work and living somewhere cheap - now that's very nice :-)
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    @AlmondSauce agree with you. Im living with my sister and shes paying for rent and food. If I pay or even chipin id be in the streets. Haha
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    From this we learn that the absolute numbers of how much you earn are pretty much meaningless. I live in Amsterdam, and earn a little more than OP, with my wife who earns a little less than OP. We are not poor, we can pay for our usual expenses (rent, food, transport, going out once in a while, travelling now and then) but we definitely don't feel rich, either. We also have previous experience living in different countries under different conditions.
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    Congrats is it enough though ?
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    @Mb3gr nope. My sister is just bailing me out. The food the rent. Hahaha. But as soon as i payed off my student loan ill start contributing. Hehehe
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