LF: effective weight-lifting/fat-trimming programme for programmers

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    Really depends on your own current shape and how much past exercising youve done nut I suggest doing x amount of pushups/situps/whatever every bug/error you write/encounter. Makes you buffed and also encourages you to write better code
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    Tl;dr: work intelligently. Fastest path won't get the best results, but it will get results.

    Easiest way is to build muscle mass: Buy a food scale, and a human scale, read labels. Measure macros; stack protein over fat over carbs. Keep carbs under 50 grams/day. Keep calories around 10cal (kcal)/lb of bodyweight to keep fat loss going (this will work to ~11-13% body fat, after which you'll need some different adjustments based on your body chemistry).

    Exercises, if you just want to shed weight, focus lower body exercises (hip bridges, squats, lunges, front squats, deadlifts (and Romanian for symmetry), and reverse hypers with plates if you have access to a gym). Muscle burns calories passively, and the lower body has the largest muscle groups. Do light cardio 15 minutes before lifting anything, don't neglect stretching to avoid injury.

    Once you have a little muscle tone, throw in tabata intervals with front squats, better condition burpees, twice a week, 2-4 sets (injury risk if more than that). https://health.com/fitness/...

    Work out at a medium level 5 days a week, 2 days rest interspersed. Workouts should be at least 20 minutes. Blend upper body as you want so long as you don't add it to the basal workout time. It doesn't contribute much for the use case, but it will look better. Spread the calories out into as many mini meals as possible, don't worry about insulin reactions specifically until you hit a hard plateau.
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    Shake your keyboard like a shake weight
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    The challenge I am seeing is the fatigue associated with too much workload and if I would still be able to go to the gym by EOD
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