I bought a .Dev domain couple of hours ago and it's reachable from my phone's browser, but not yet from my PC's browser. Both devices are connected to the same Network. Why does that happen?

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    Clear the cache. PC browsers can be really dumb with cached pages
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    @pmso it's still not working. I even tried different browsers. Nothing. But hey, it works fine on my phone at least!
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    different dns server?
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    Do you use plain HTTP?
    Some browsers enforce HTTPS for .dev.
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    @sbiewald I'm using https. I doesn't even show me any kind of error, it just keeps loading till it timeouts
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    Did you check for IPv6 connect?
    May be the browser try IPv6 and not fall back correct to IPv4
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    Now I'm all of a sudden getting dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error. Ugh.
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    As said, flush the DNS cache and maybe check with other online tools.
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    Flushing the DNS cache didn't do anything. Ended up trying it with Google's DNS Server and it worked immediately, I'll change it back tomorrow and see if it works. Thanks for y'alls help anyway.
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    @hash-table Yeah I knew that it takes some time, it's just that my other domains always worked like 30 minutes after I had set them up. That's why I was confused
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