You know, I sort of hope that open-plan offices become illegal after this Corona crisis.

We all know most companies don't give a flying fuck about the productivity, opinion or wellbeing of their "lowly work force". OTOH maybe, just maybe, do politicians care about lowering the risk of such a pandemic repeating. Pass some laws for reasonable working conditions already!

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    The best way to stop a pandemic is to stop it before it becomes one. We fucked up really badly to get to the point where the general public is being asked to avoid human contact. What we're doing now is trying to minimise losses. We should make sure we never have to bring back social distancing because by that point shit is already bad
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    I don't think that's the problem here at all
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    @M3m35terJ05h Some people just don't understand anyway. I saw this morning a woman that got out for no valid reasons despite the confinement, got fined, yet still went to the fucking beach.

    Funnily enough, in most similar cases, it seems to be people in a "at risk" age bracket.
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    @electrineer well, gatherings of more than three people are banned around here. Open-plan offices easily are more than that... of course they are not *the* problem. They are *a* problem, in many ways.
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    @pythonInRelay "You want to go back to toilet sized cubicles or something..?"

    I'm confused. Where do you get that from?

    I'm against devs squeezed together in battery farms with constant distractions. Look at this: https://blog.nuclino.com/files/...

    This is what Facebook does to devs. The absolute worst, hell-on-earth for knowledge workers. No silence for thinking, forget not getting visually distracted.
    Such companies have no idea about the nature of dev work. They see it as production activity, just repetitive manual work, and squeeze devs together like they're working on conveyor belts. They long for magical "10x developers".

    The actual problem is their shitty "1/10th working conditions" and they don't get it. That must end, *anything* is better. Cubicles at least have walls between desks.

    Personally, I advocate for single offices like devs originally had. Need to concentrate, shut your door. Need to talk, meet up.
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    @Jilano perhaps they want to die, some older people get tired of life.
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    @cervantes01 I don't mind that. People can do whatever they want with their life except when it starts impacting with mine.
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