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    I think I see Azure... yeah, it's gonna take a while :D
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    @netikras you guessed it right 😀
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    What's with the pretentious "Shot on OnePlus" in the bottom left though? Since when is OP trying that hard to look like a hipster?

    (Also your name is in the picture too, still readable in spite of DevRant's heavy compression)
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    @endor no man, that was unintentional, I recently reset my OP and forgot to switch that fuckin watermark off, even I myself I find it creepy. Next thing on my todo list for sure..
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    @jskid (I just realized that 'OP' could have been misinterpreted. I was still referring to OnePlus, not you)

    Also damn, had no idea that had that watermark on by default. That's just weird.
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    @endor 😃 na na, I knew what you meant by OP
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