Let me tell all of you who don't like big frameworks..
The nice thing about them is that they minimize the amount of SHIT CODE all of you who think you know how to code, but actually don't, write..
And minimizes the amount of headache for the devs who need to then maintain/fix/change your SHIT CODE.

yes...lets put routes 10 dirs deep into the project and let ppl look for it..

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    I don't mind a framework that makes my life easier. For example bootstrap. Badass! I didn't want to write all that CSS anyway. My beef is when every fucking job posting wants an entry level dev to know 12 different frameworks or technologies for a starting pay of like 60k.
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    wtf i love frameworks now
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    Frameworks are great when they're well written and standardised. Spring for instance is pretty ubiquitous in Java land.

    The reason people get pissed off with frameworks in general (in my experience) is usually when they're inconsistent, there's no obvious standard (like the heap of JS frameworks all in use) or they make backwards incompatible changes every other release.
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