I find it so ironic that people love to rag on those who copy code from StackOverflow when most of these same people use tools like composer or npm.

At least you can vet code snippets.

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    That's like, the whole point of help forums. You need help making something? Ask someone, and they can help you! Why people would get mad at that is beyond me... @_@
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    @pythonInRelay @Squidge He doesn't mean license or people getting angry because other people ask questions, he means vetting (analysing) popularly upvoted snippets of code before using them in production environment as opposed to copying and pasting blindly, i.e. without understanding what it does.
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    And who told you professionals don't audit their open source tools before using them? I read nvim, composer, PHP and every plug-in I use, including langservers. You only have to do this once, then you audit updates. I also read Linux kernel, i3, most of the Android core and apps I use and few other big applications people deem spaghetti code. It wasn't spaghetti. It was cannelloni. I read whatever code I can, push patches and raise discussions. And I'm not even a good coder, it's just part of the job. What you described, in both cases, is being unprofessional. I can say the same about people using Windows or MacOS.
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