QA: Hey I found a bug.
Me: Okay, can you log the bug and assign to me?
QA: <audible sigh> sure

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    Lol, I just ranted about QA, this was how my interaction started as well.
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    Why are you qa if you don't like doing this?
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    So the testers and coders don't work together?
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    @Charmgoggles wish they would.
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    QA? What's a QA? :P (Works for a 6 member team startup)
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    Quality assurance ( testers moistly)
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    @Charmgoggles I believe that was sarcasm
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    @martin I realized after I read it again
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    I am a student assistant who works as a trester. Writing down the problem report is not the most fun part. Still I rather like it to do myself, because than I can make sure that it is descriptive enough that anybody understands the problem and can test if the fix does the job.

    It often happens that a problem report written by a developer is so cryptic that you have to ask the developer anyway.
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    Yeah us devs can do that. I'm sorry for that. Sometimes there is no good way to explain a fix to a bug or feature. In my case I usually just write a simple explanation and then write for QA to come to me before testing so I can show them. Takes some time, but IMO QA should be an asset which you can use. ☺
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    I like it your way. In such cases I would not need to think that the developer assumes that I have to understand it and first try for an hour without success. I can then go to the developer right away. Unfortunately this rarely happens. @arekxv
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