I'm trying to get a websocket connection in Java spring boot to work and I'm close to commiting suicide.

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    It's so bad, I'm close to asking a question on SO.
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    Okay that's enough now. I can't do this any longer. SO question has been posted. Now I'm just waiting to get attacked and downvoted for being a fucking cunt.
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    i only read the actual rant and i wanted to write you the suicide prevention hotline, i probably would have jumped off a bridge lol
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    @Trithon been there, done that, the agent of the suicide prevention hotline got depressive and committed suicide after hearing me out. Damn, websockets in spring are just so depressing. It's frightening.
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    If its a personal project, i recommend java spark, way easier than anything spring can barf up

    (Yes i opened your profile)
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    @yellow-dog it sadly isn't a personal project. If it was, I wouldn't use Java in the first place.
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