Have interview in 1 hour
*Quacking calmly*

Tests webcam, mic, connection
*Quacking softer*

Open meeting app to set everything up
Windows: I think not. Pereificus Totalus!!
*Quacking intensifies*

Why do companies use these random new wave of meeting apps instead of the tried and true ones!!

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    *daffy duck quacking intensifies*
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    imagine tech standards in 2020
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    Retarded dev at my work is running MS Teams in a browser on a remote session. “I can’t get my audio working. I’m doing a bunch of janky shit to my audio and windows is shitting the bed.”

    Run it on the host machine.

    “But this is my computer for gaming I don’t install anything on it unless it is for gaming.”

    What about the software you used to remote into your computer at work. You had no problem downloading and installing that shit.
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    @irene awww shit, burn that fucker!!!
    I hated when clients did this. I literally just ended up WhatsApp calling them and showing the screen through my phone (we couldn't install shit on our computers) and most of the times the corporate BS (att conferencing) didn't work
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