PO writes a story. We groom it. Point it. Do the work. Finish the work. Dev test it. Push it to test. Tester find a weird edge case. Talks to me. I agree it’s weird. I talk to PO and the PM in the standup. PO realizes the whole business flow doesn’t make any sense. Changes the AC. Asks us to change/redo shit. 2 days until the end of the sprint.
I guess I’m working this weekend. Not that I have to go anywhere 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    If that feature will save lives, you really better work the weekend.
    But if not, you could also just continue the rewrite in the next sprint. Sprints are timed for the feature as it was specified at the start of sprint. When the specification changes, the timing might change too.
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    No sunk cost in Agile, friend. Fail fast and keep moving forward.
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    @r3nrut That's what agile is about, moving fast like retarded rabbits high on crack.
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    > I guess I’m working this weekend

    Please don't.

    It sounds like the story has changed so much that it requires comprehensive rework. That means it's not the same story any more.

    What you do is you close the current story. It's done. Not *finished*, just done. Write a new story with the new business flow and the new AC. Groom and estimate it as usual and add it to the next sprint.

    Your PO made a mistake with the business flow. Bad, but that's life. That does *not* constitute an emergency on your end. Don't feel pressured to compensate or take a false sense of pride in "getting things done". The world will keep spinning regardless if this story gets finished in two days or not.
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