We should start a war against open spaces

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    Yeah! Open tabs ftw!
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    You have my axe
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    And my bow!
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    Why do you guys dislike it? (honest question)
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    Well, after 15 years of it, this just forces me to be quiet to avoid disturbing colleagues, and when someone's talking/phone he disturbs me. So we all end up with headphones... (except for the noisy guys who don't even notice how annoying they are) What's the advantage then?
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    @herdani well I see that as a lack of respect. I've worked for 4 months in an open space everyone was quiet and OK. Depends on the company. I'm usually very silent during work and off office as well.
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    @Mayhem93 so do you never answer phone calls at your desk?
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    @ReturnVoid I do, and go somewhere where there aren't any people (the kitchen usually) talking with anyone on the phone for everyone to hear tells me they have no sense of privacy whatsoever
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    Honestly, interrupted every time usually wih less than 10min interval.

    Headphones? Earphones?
    Dont care mate, this stupid irrelevant question is more important than whatever I could be doing.

    Consequences? I focus less and browse the web more.

    When I WFH or wherever but office, I'm more productive
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    I'm slowly building walls out of soda cans around my workspace 🕵
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