There are few layoffs in my company due to COVID-19 and so now there's 3 times more work then usual per employee and fucking senior manager keeps on threatening that if we don't meet the deadlines, they will get us fired as well!

Have to do overtime every fucking day, also even on weekends, my life has got all ruined and couldn't do anything about it as getting a new job in this time is going to be a pain in the ass as well!

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    Get a new job. It'll be a pain, but do it now while you still have the choice, not in a few weeks when they've likely fired everyone.
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    That does seem dumb. Something's wrong if they have that much work and can't pay people. If they know the clients aren't going to pay them they shouldn't be continuing with the work.
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    @jallman112 Client have introduced a budget cut, so instead lowering their profit, they fired employees!
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    @ddev sounds like their profits are gonna suffer anyway.
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    Just do, what you are paid for. Not your fault that they fired the manpoower they need.
    And yes: You probably have already been fired but just don't have been told yet.
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    If they fire everyone, who's going to do the work? The management? 😂
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    You will not get pay for that is write in the cloud XD
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