Hello fellow ranters ,
A few weeks ago we started working from home because of the Coronavirus, I have personally found it very hard to perform at work and have lost all motivation to do anything other than the bare minimum required by the company , around a week ago we were officially furloughed , my question to you guys is : what are some things I can do to exercise my brain and make sure my skills stay sharp, I am a JavaScript , node.js dev , I’m talking coding challenges and other things , also can anyone else relate ?

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    Write a resume generator.
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    Build something you always wanted. A game, custom file manager, genocidal robot, you know...fun stuff!
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    You could jump into machine learning with tensorflow js. It‘s a great addition to your toolset and makes you more valuable on the job market.

    There are fun tutorials about that and more by The Coding Train on YouTube. https://youtube.com/user/shiffman/

    Or tell us how you got fascinated by coding and maybe we could give you some tips on how to reignite that passion. 🙂
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    I hear you. I'm currently working on a product that I wasn't overly motivated by when in the office. Now, it takes every fiber in my being not to watch hulu when I'm supposed to be working (like now while I comment on your rant). Need to find a good side project
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    my current job is already a remote gig, but after my hours got cut I've been revisiting a few lecture series on packet analysis, REST, and a random study on predicting behavior in a mosh pit.
    Not sure if this will turn into a video game eventually, but if it does I'm making all the avatars llamas.
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    I'm in almost the identical situation. The main thing that makes it hard for me to fully focus on work is not having a proper work desk.
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    Kind of sad to see some people only work if other people are there to check on them.
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    Find somebody you know in your everyday life. tell them you're being lazy. Ask them to tell you to get back to work and stop being a bum. It's a weird little mind hack but it works. You really just telling yourself to get back to work through someone else. Sometimes all it takes is that minor bit of external pressure to get motivated again. We're social animals.
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