I don't think I could give the best advice on this since I don't follow all the best practices (lack of knowledge, mostly) but fuck it;

- learn how to use search engines. And no, not specifically Google because I don't want to drag kids into the use of mass surveillance networks and I neither want to promote them (even if they already use it).
- try not to give up too easily. This is one I'm still profiting from (I'm a stubborn motherfucker)
- start with open source technologies. Not just "because open source" but because open source, in general, gives one the ability to hack around and explore and learn more!
- Try to program securely and with privacy in mind (the less data you save, the less can be abused, compromised, leaked, etc)
- don't be afraid to ask questions
-enjoy it!

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    @MarcoCeccon Especially the secure and privacy aware programming/designing.

    I've been a cybersecurity person since about 10 years ago but I just moved into that scene professionally.

    The amount of vulnerabilities that could be prevented by secure programming and the amount of data that wouldn't be leaked/exposed by privacy-by-design is fucking insane.

    And no, you don't have to go batshit insane with the security and privacy but at least keeping it in mind and following security standards could prevent so many leaks/hacks...
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    good advice for many aspects of life, and Google dorks are awesomesauce
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    @mghrist I only use those through multiple layers of protection but yeah 😄
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    @linuxxx I let Google profile the crap out of me. I want to see if it will evolve my search results from click-bait and ads to free PHD programs and jobs at Google.
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    @mghrist Fair enough haha. I'm at the level of blocking Google at firewall level :)
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    + 7 y.o kid: dad, I created an app that scrapes social accounts of logged in users and determines if he/she is liar.
    - What?!? Why you are not respecting users privacy?!? Which language did you used?
    + c hashtag dad.
    - WHAT!?? You are grounded! Go to your room, no tv and pc for a week!
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    Most underrated advice ever: Do not make it your job!

    Works for everything that you really like at any age. Make something your job, wich you just don't happen to hate.
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