Background: We switched from just simple old PHP and JS using notepad++ to PHPStorm and its infinite configurables, Symfony 4, Twig, Composer, Doctrine, Yarn, NPM, Bootstrap, ( thank the stars we didn't try to add Docker in with all this ), any other junk I'm missing here? Then upgraded to Symfony 5.

Symfony's autowiring: madness behind the curtains. I get frustrated about when and where I can just magically inject these dependencies or use config variables, you know, like the ones you define in service.yaml. Hmmm, "service".yaml. In a controller you can say getParameter() but in a service you have to inject the parameter, FROM THE "SERVICE".yaml!!! Autowiring drives me nuts. Ok, so we can supply dependencies using the constructor, that's great! Within a controller you never have to instantiate the object you're passing to the constructor (autowiring handles that). That's cool, weird when we you try to trace it for the first few times, but nice I guess. Feels like half-assin' it. What bugs me here is that it only works in controllers... I guess out of the box.. i'm not even sure. To get that feature to work for services you have to make some yaml edits. Right?Maybe? Some of the Symfony tutorials have you code up some junk then trash it. Change config then wipe that out and do X instead... so I have no idea what "out of the box" for Symfony really is.

Found this cool article that describes my frustrations in better terms and seems like a good resource to learn about autowiring. I need to continue my yaml wizardry classes. https://alanstorm.com/symfony-autow...

.....And on to YAMLs, or CSS, or JS or any other friggin' change you make to a file anywhere... Make a change, reload page, nothing... nope you have to do some hidden cheat combo of yarn dostuff -> cache:clear -> cache:warmup -> cache:cache:the:cache ... I really really hate this crap. Maybe I'm too old school for all this junk. It was simple with pure PHP. Edit code, push file, reload page, and oh look it changed! Done. So happy! Ok, Ok. Occasionally the js or css might get cached by the browser and you have to ctrl/f5 or Shift/f5 .. one of those. With this framework there's just so much more that you have to remember to do get some new feature of your site loaded.

Now, I totally get wanting to use some type of entity framework, but I feel like my entire world turned backwards. Designing tables using something like MySQL Workbench made sense. I can see all the columns and datatypes right there as i'm building them. From what I've experienced now with Symfony/Doctrine is you have to make and entity, get a shit-ton of question lobbed at you and if it's a relation field you have to really have a clear idea of the cardinality up front. Then we migrate that to the database. Carefully read through the SQL if you really really just want to use migrations:migrate in Prod. That alter table could cost you some some downtime if your table is large.

Some days man....

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