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How does facebook secures itself, we never heard news like facebook hacked, user data stolen, recently with ddos, twitter and other websites were affected but not Facebook?
Are they superhumans?

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    did you ever hear of a devRant data leak? of wait, @dfox actually is superhuman
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    They just block port 22 and 3389 at the firewall and keep their systems up to date.

    Pretty sure they have a network capable of running the entire internet like Google does too... So even the mightiest of DDOS attacks are just a minor inconvenience.

    Oh, and the red and blue teams they pay a lot of money for to constantly try and infiltrate their network. If anything is found, it's patched before it's made public.

    They also offer bug bounties for people that find bugs outside of actual Facebook employment to encourage people to tell them before they expose the bug to the wider world which could cause them bigger issues.
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    everything @drRoss wrote and I doubt there's any admin panel what so ever or if they do it would be behind the company firewall where the public can't get to it. there's ways to hack accounts but the area hackers can damage is small so it doesn't get to the public eye.
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    Why would you want to hack Facebook for data when you can create simple stupid app that ask users to allow access to their Facebook profile.
    And why there is no DDOS attack, because not many people uses it anymore. Some have switched to devrant 🙃
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    They build all their framework themself.
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    Well, personal pages where hacked on Facebook a lot of times. Even Zuk's own page was stolen from him.
    When you build something like Facebook or Google you need to learn how to defend from geographic based outages. Like revolutions or local government restrictions. To get it right twitter and github are just a pack of hipsters and have nothing comparing to FB or G.
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    An obvious one I missed was staff training to lower phishing issues.
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    Well get them the DNS provider of Facebook and DDOS shall they, with enough bandwidth every company is DDosable .
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    They just tape all their cameras.
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