- Sublime but without the pricetag
- Atom but without the crashing
- netbeans but without the Java
- ideaj but without the load times
- vim without the elitism / esoteric design
- cross platform

The only downside to me is that its electron.

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    FWIW, if the only reason you're put off idea is genuinely the load times, they now have a lightedit mode: https://blog.jetbrains.com/idea/...
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    @AlmondSauce There are other reasons; How it hangs up when crawling projects, the price and one mentioned above on another tool which is the use of Java (because its an unneeded resource hog).

    I just used one reason per item because otherwise it'd turn into a wall of text.

    Thanks for making me aware though, I might check it out. 👍
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    @stonestorm Java is way, way less of a resource hog than Electron (Electron will likely use more processes and over double the memory to achieve a similar thing in my experience.) IntelliJ will use more resources than VSCode, but that's because it's a fully featured heavyweight IDE rather than because it's using Java.

    But yes, it's a bit pricey if you want more features than the community (work pay for my license and I have a qualifying open source project, so I get it for free) and it can be a bit slow code-analysing large projects. Each to their own really - I like it but I know plenty of people who don't :-)
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    @AlmondSauce To be honest, in my experience, I don't think I've seen a Java app (Runtime environment included) that doesn't take up less than 400MB which is well over what my usual VSCode footprint is.

    Everyone had their own favourite, but I personally believe Java needs to be replaced with a better alternative.

    To be clear though, I don't think that alternative should be electron.
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    Vscode is like vim? Does it have vim keybindings?
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    @dr-ant For some reason there is an extension for that. 👍

    Though, honestly the list is mostly just a compressed brain dump of why VSCode is my favourite.
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    @stonestorm haha that's alright.
    I tried an extension like that on VS professional edition. But it was more headache than it was worth.
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    Too bad it's probably the most unstable program I've used in years. Maybe my environment is a bit unusual.
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    And its "autocomplete" is complete bullshit.

    Basically it can do nothing out of the box, except TypeScript. Its just a big piece of plugin soup for me.

    I cant use it longer than 2 hours without screaming.
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